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Working time


09.30 – 17.30 
Monday – Saturday (Apr-Oct)
Tuesday – Saturday (Nov-Mar)


Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 17.30

Tickets Sale

Tickets sale ends 30 minutes before closing time.


Children (up to 7 years old) – free
Students – 2 lv
Outdoor exposition – 2 lv
Indoor, outdoor and temporary exhibits – 6 lv
Family – 10 lv

Find us

Address: Bulgaria, Varna 9000
2 Primorski Boulevard
Tel.: +359 52 731 523


Support us

In the years since its foundation, the Maritime Museum has become a bridge between the past and the present. Today, it is rich in many friends – donors and volunteers, together with whom we preserve and share Bulgarian aviation history. This support helps us keep and transmit to future generations the preserved cultural valuables. It motivates us to up our efforts to fend off oblivion and to remind our contemporaries of the spiritual and moral milestones that made us into a nation.

Donate history


Be history donors, and gift memory to the future! By donating a piece or a record from your ancestors – testimonies to important events, you don’t just enrich the collections of the Maritime Museum, but you also contribute to filling in gaps in Bulgaria’s aviation history. By donating, you don’t just share your own family history with our visitors and readers but also aid research on this aspect of our historical heritage.
The Maritime Museum accepts as donations objects, documents, photos, uniforms, decorations, etc., which contribute to improving the picture of our past. The donated relics are recorded, documented, and preserved according to the adopted national and European standards and legislation, regulating such operations. The relics will be featured as part of the Museum’s permanent, or in a temporary exhibition.

Tel.: +359 52 731 523

Become a volunteer

Do you wish to spend some of your time with us, in service of the public? Do you believe the preservation and protection of our past, as well as transmitting it to the future generations is a shared endeavour? Do you wish to be among the people who support our causes? If your answer is yes, do not hesitate to contact our team!

Over the years, dozens of volunteers and enterprises had chosen the Museum as their public service, either as individuals or as a part of corporate responsibility and social engagement programmes. They contribute to the maintenance of the open-air exhibition and the park grounds, or in other activities of the solid, but small collective of the Maritime Museum.

If you wish to volunteer with us, let us know at:

Tel.: +359 52 731 523