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09.30 – 17.30 
Monday – Saturday (Apr-Oct)
Tuesday – Saturday (Nov-Mar)


Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 17.30

Tickets Sale

Tickets sale ends 30 minutes before closing time.


Children (up to 7 years old) – free
Students – 2 lv
Outdoor exposition – 2 lv
Indoor, outdoor and temporary exhibits – 6 lv
Family – 10 lv

Find us

Address: Bulgaria, Varna 9000
2 Primorski Boulevard
Tel.: +359 52 731 523


Archival Documents: memories, certificates,
instructions, books, maps, sketches

The archival documents enter mostly as donations of inheritors of prominent marine figures : Captain I rank Dimitar Dobrev, Captain II rank Stancho Dimitriev, Captain I rank Georgi Kupov, Captain I rank Sava Ivanov , Captain I rank Nedelcho Nedev and others. In their greatest part these are original certificates, instructions, books, sketches, personal and official correspondence. In this collection are presented sections of personal libraries of notable representatives of the marine work. In the collection figure textbooks and school aids in Bulgarian, Russian, French, German, Italian and English of graduates of the corresponding high nautical schools; ship diaries, watch magazines, official cards and historical- traditional form documents of different military ships, etc.